DAY 1: Sleeping Sufficiently

Day 1 of the OurCraves 7-Days to Deeper Self love Challenge is to prioritise getting enough rest.

You know the old adage, early to bed, early to rise…

While I won’t set your world spinning on its head and prescribe an impossible-to-achieve 8pm bedtime, I will suggest winding down and sleeping earlier may be beneficial. You may be wondering what the point is, other than not waking up feeling sleepy. Well, did you know that getting sufficient sleep includes health benefits such as longevity, and lower risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer?

How many hours of shut eye do you get every night? A study conducted in 2009 found that the optimum number of sleeping hours per night is seven, and we’ve all grown up with the idea that we need 8 hours of sleep per night. So let’s aim for 7-and-a-half hours? 😉

I used to believe that I worked better at night, so those were the days when all assignments and other mental tasks got underway at 10pm. Then there were times where I stayed up late just because I’ve never been an early-to-bed person – no one in my family was. But years later, I’ve grown fond of waking up before or around sunrise, and in order to do that, I needed to adjust my bedtime.

But it’s not just setting a bedtime and sticking to it. I find that it’s important to start winding down ahead of schedule, lest you end up in bed with a million thoughts running through your mind and being unable to fall asleep. There are different ways to do this, so do whatever works for you.

Some suggestions for preparing for bedtime are:

  • If you prefer showering at night, do so before bedtime, rather than earlier in the evening;
  • Head to your bedroom before you actually plan to sleep;
  • Put your phone away and pick up a book instead;
  • Have a warm cup of tea;
  • Write down your list of tasks for the next day to clear your mind;
  • Say a prayer;
  • Get into some comfy pjs and just enjoy some quiet or snuggle time.

Will you prioritise resting, by getting enough sleep tonight?


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