♥ June Favourites ♥

It’s been a month since I started this blog, and this journey of publicly and actively sharing my love of food and health with others. I honestly feel like it’s been longer: I’ve learnt so much; I’ve interacted with some readers; I’ve connected with other foodies on Instagram; and I’ve challenged myself to exercise my creativity through cooking, photographing and writing. It’s such a great place to be, and I’m thankful to all those who’ve been so receptive! ♥

I’d like to start a monthly tradition of sharing some of my favourite things with you. Think Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music – which incidentally, is one of the best classics, in my opinion – and a soundtrack I listened to on my wedding day. But that’s a story for another time. Let’s get down to it!

Favourite Instagram Personality

Kino MacGregor

I’ve been diligently practicing yoga consistently for a while now, and my love for it grows more each time I practice. I’ve attended yoga classes with various instructors, but only really felt that one of them was a teacher, someone from whom I can learn and who I could grow with. Along the way, I discovered Kino MacGregor, popularly known as Kino Yoga on Instagram. Initially impressed by her amazing ability, I followed her keenly, and became moved by the content of her posts. Now, being in a different country to my yoga teacher, I’ve taken to YouTube some yoga routines to continue working on my flow and practice. Kino has opened my mind and heart to the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, and the spiritual component that is so easily neglected or ignored in other classes. Through her videos, I’ve learnt so much, and even progressed in my personal practice. The most refreshing thing about her is the humility with which she communicates. Whether through YouTube or Instagram, her positive attitude and sincerity sets her apart from her peers. She doesn’t deal with spirituality in a vague or pop culture way, and her posts offer daily encouragement and practical thoughts on things we all go through. But seriously, she’s so incredible, she actually deserves her own blog post! Check her out:

Instagram: @kinoyoga

YouTube: Kino Yoga

Website: www.kinoyoga.com

Favourite Quote

June Quote via Pinterest

This quote by Hippocrates along with a lecture by Dr. Jim Sharps is part of how I came to start this website. No one wants to be diseased, no one wants to get a common cold, and yet, we find ourselves treating various symptoms at one or other time. Sharps made a point that has resonated with me, a paraphrasing of the above quote. He described going to the doctor after becoming ill, and being told things like ‘maintain a proper diet, get enough exercise, etc.’ He said, ‘so the cure is the thing you should be doing. If you follow it, you’ll cure the sickness; if you stick to it, you won’t get sick!’ How straightforward, I thought. And it’s something I’ve become committed to, since.

Favourite Food

OurCraves 20160630_2.png

My favourite food during June has been a guilt-free treat: Decadent Chocolate Nice Cream. I discovered the world of nice cream, and immediately knew that I had to combine my favourite things into one delicious treat: Chocolate. Cinnamon. Peanut Butter. Coffee. This treat is vegan, and refined sugar free. What more could you want?! I am in love.

Favourite Kitchen Utensil


It’s not a utensil, but rather, an appliance. My food processor. It’s my favourite thing to use in the kitchen right now, and I can’t recall what life was before it. It chops and grates and smooths and blends… It’s totally upgraded my cooking experience and things I’m able to do. From nut butters, to grated veg, to smoothies. If you don’t already own one, you may want to consider the investment. You can thank me later.

Favourite Documentary


I finally got around to watching the popular documentary, Cowspiracy. I have a different post coming up to discuss my thoughts and opinions on the matter. I highly recommend it. It’s not about veganism or going vegan or being extremist or political. This documentary really highlights the importance of making conscious, informed decisions about what you’re putting into your body.

Let me know what you think of my list, and what your June favourites were 🙂

Salwah xx

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