Mezze Party!

I’ve been considering doing a post on the kinds of food that vegetarians and vegans typically eat. While it may seem obvious for some, others may have a hard time picturing their meals – viewing it from the perspective of meat being absent. When I began reducing my intake of meat products, I certainly found it helpful to eat with others, to see what they were cooking and how they assembled meals. I thought I’d recreate simple, wholesome dishes for those looking to expand their culinary repertoire. What better way to kick-start the series than with this gorgeous mezze platter?

Pictured here, we have spreads made from scratch: hummus, curried red lentil pâté, olive tapenade, and some fresh salsa. These are great for entertaining, but also for preparing ahead. Make them on Sundays and use for lunches, snack and appetizers during the week. They are easy to prepare and cost a fraction of the price, compared to their packaged, retail counterparts.

Stay tuned for our 4 part recipe series for assembling your platter.



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