Veganism, Inspiration, and the OurCraves Future

developing the blog and creating an instagram presence

It’s been a little over two months since I started the OurCraves blog, and what a journey it has been! If you’ve read my About Me page, you’d know that the concept behind this website was very clear and specific. I wanted to share my food and health journey with others, and help interested readers in developing their food journeys too.

But then, with the pressure of competing and sharing at an international level, I started feeling overwhelmed and frankly, a bit tired. Having a food blog means that you constantly have to innovate, produce and share high-quality, professional content. It was something I had prepared myself for at the inception of the website, but what with testing recipes, trying new combinations, cooking actual meals for actual people in my life, and taking countless staged photos, I began feeling somewhat… uninspired.

seeking inspiration

If you know where to look, you’ll easily find the online melting pot created by the global vegan community. Seniors and teenagers alike are sharing their creations and opinions through Instagram and their own websites. It’s been such a wonderful discovery, and the best part, is that it feels like a  real community. For the most part, these are people who are sincere and take the time to respond to queries and reply to comments. However, since Instagram is a photo-sharing platform, there appears to be an underlying notion that life can be staged. So, how do we create content that is both appealing to the eye, and satisfying enough to please the appetite? Well, I decided to stick to my gut. (Ooh, aren’t all these metaphors ironic? ;)) After a conversation with a close relative, I was reminded of why I started and what I wanted to do with the blog.

so, What’s next for ourcraves?

In the coming weeks, I will release a health series detailing practical steps to better health. The details are currently being fleshed out, but the concept is to introduce interested individuals and families to daily changes they can make for better eating practices and general health. The series will include:

  • recipes for wholesome, affordable, and uncomplicated food;
  • ideas for what to eat at breakfast, lunch and dinner;
  • how to snack wisely;
  • tips for exercising; and
  • other general principles that bind these ideas into an accessible lifestyle.
the ourcraves’ food journey: then and now

When I started this blog a few months ago, our family had already incorporated Food Combining principles into most of what we eat each day. Furthermore, we had stopped purchasing and consuming cow’s milk, dairy products or eggs, with the exception of baked goods, like pizza and dessert when out and travelling. However, through reading and watching insightful documentaries, we’ve decided to opt for a vegan lifestyle. We have honey occasionally, and still own leather goods, but like with any transition, change takes time and lots of thought. In a later post, I will discuss our decisions and our reasoning. But for the purpose of this post, it’s sufficient to say that we are – and as a result – this blog is now dairy-free and egg-free. Goodbye ovo-lacto vegetarianism. You’ve been good to us, but it’s time to take the next step.

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