Hello, I’m Salwah. Welcome to my blog! Our Craves is a website dedicated to tasty, plant-based cooking and baking. Recipes that are tried and tested, easily adaptable, which anyone can recreate.

My food journey

I can be quoted as saying that the love of (good) food is in my DNA. My mom was a talented cook, who pleased the palates and stomachs of hundreds of guests at weddings and other functions, on a weekly basis. Most of the memories I have of my mother, involve the making of food, and conversations had in the kitchen. Despite having grown up as a proud omnivore :), when I started cooking on a regular basis, I began to tire of meat – well, chicken, to be precise – and the bloodiness of meat products wasn’t exactly appealing to any of my other senses, either. And so began my experimentation phase. Much to the delight of my family members (haha, no, but shout out to my Dad for being adventurous) I started Googling and cooking my way through family dinners by way of vegetarian contributions. During the weeks that ensued, I ate less meat of any kind, until eventually someone, (thanks, Dad?) dubbed me a vegetarian, a few years ago. Many experiments and combinations have since been tried, tested and tasted.

Why the blog?

Enter: George, the vegetarian husband. And the rest is history, as they say. Well… not entirely. Having grown up in a vegetarian home, he’s been on the receiving end of many a “Mock meat, is not meat!”, joke. Jokes made with love, of course ;). Oh, and we’ve since decided to banish most mock meats.

Fast forward a year and a bit: My passion for food is as vibrant as ever, with an interest in healthy eating and nutritious, wholesome food. The more I’ve learnt over time, the more we’ve adjusted our eating habits, for the better. I’d like to share this journey with you. The OurCraves website is a platform for sharing our craves and favourite foods to eat, foods that George kindly tastes and evaluates. When he comes up with ideas, I execute them. When he cooks, I provide ideas. Fantastically symbiotic, I know.

If you’re at the same point I was at a few years ago, wondering what on earth (see what I did there?) vegetarians ate, trying to make a food transition, trying to eat better, or just looking for inspiration for what to cook, I hope you’ll stop by again.

What to expect

* Plant-based recipes

*100% lacto-ovo vegetarian 

* Vegan ?

Stay in Touch

I’d love to hear from you and share in your experiences. Comment below and let me know what you think.

Love and peace,

Salwah xx

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