DAY 6: Gratitude

Day 6 of the OurCraves 7-Days to Deeper Self Love Challenge is to write up a list of things you are grateful for.

Some days are filled with blessings. Everything works smoother than usual. We get more than we even asked for. Someone – sometimes even a stranger – brightens our day with a smile, or an encouraging word. We receive an unexpected gift. We feel loved and appreciated. We feel like our life is in Divine alignment, and we offer praise and give thanks.

Other days appear to be inherently challenging, and sometimes for no particular reason. Machines that operated perfectly fine the previous day suddenly won’t function. We find ourselves feeling stuck in a phase we know will pass, but just…won’t. We don’t understand the lesson to be learnt. We run late. We are hurt. Our routines are messed up. Everyone irritates us and we just can’t seem to get it together. These days, the ones that don’t get better as the hours pass, are the ones we just want to end already.

I’m pretty confident that each of us have experienced all of the above. But no matter the kind of day we’re having, there’s always something to be grateful for. It’s one of those clichés, you know, “you’re lucky you’re not *insert worst case scenario.*” But I’m not talking about that kind of thankfulness, I’m talking about the introspective kind.

I am grateful for *something so specific to my life or the day I had, that I don’t need to compare it to anything.*

For example:

I’m thankful that I’ve had enough fresh, healthy food to eat today. Not simply because I know someone else is starving, but because I know that God provided the means for me to eat well, when I really didn’t have the resources to get through. Yet somehow, I did, and I had enough.

The example is true, by the way.

So today, whether you’ve cruised through the day on a high, or waited with bated breath until your work day ended, I’d like you to write down three things that you are grateful for. Start each entry with:

Today I am grateful for…

Date it, keep it in a journal, and make this exercise a habit that you return to on a daily basis or weekly. Through this habit, I’ve realised that we have too much to express gratitude for than to simply forget and move onto the next day.

Will you dig deep and write your list this evening? I hope you do, and I hope that doing so will enrich your life and bring you joy and peace.

All my love,



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