Practical Steps to Better Health: An introduction

Health is an issue that everyone has an opinion about. While we believe that we’ve made up our own minds about what it means for us to be healthy, there are many external influences that have shaped our views. Doctors, dietitians, family traditions, our eating culture, the food industry and the marketing industry have all played a part. There is a wealth of information available online and through multiple forms of media today, which is great for personal evaluation. However, we can become overwhelmed with information and can often be confused by contradictory views so easily found in the media.

Enter: Practical Steps to Better Health.

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Why the series?

I decided to work on this series, precisely for the reasons above. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you will be aware of the fact that we advocate a plant-based diet. Barring that consideration, I wanted to create a series for real people without the information being portrayed as political or sponsored. This series is for people who enjoy food, but have busy schedules. But more that just focusing on food, we’ve created this series with a holistic view. While good health is largely about how we fuel our bodies, it’s also about exercise, drinking enough fluids, and practicing other healthful behaviours.

Please bear in mind that this series will not serve to be an eating plan, but rather an organised set of ideas to help you along your health journey. There are many individuals and businesses who have designed meal plans, most of which require you to purchase them. If you are interested in transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, I highly recommend The Vegan Reset. This programme is the brainchild of the lovely Kim-Julie Hansen.  It has both free and for purchase plans, that are thorough and superbly organised.

What should I expect?

This four week programme aims to assist interested individuals in making healthy changes to their everyday lives. In  our aim to help you achieve balance, we will include:

  • steps for making changes everyday, one step at a time;
  • meal ideas, complete with recipes;
  • guidelines for grocery shopping;
  • suggestions for how to manage food preparation;
  • as well as reminders to practice other healthy behaviours.

What will I need?

Albeit corny, we’d have to say that you’ll require an open mind, and a willingness to try. As mentioned earlier, this site advocates a plant-based lifestyle. The series however, does not require you to become vegan overnight. Permanent change often comes as a result of making incremental, sustainable changes over time. Don’t rush your process! Some of the changes we’ve made have taken years to come into effect, while others have come after just a few months.

Other requirements for success include a food processor and a well-stocked pantry. When adapting your eating habits, you don’t really have to spend more money. You just have to spend it differently. Attempt to improve on what you’re accustomed to. In other words, do what you do, better. Reach for more vegetables, rather than processed goods. Try a mock meat, as opposed to your regular sausage. Trade some of your coffee cups* for herbal tea or infused water. (*gasp! the struggle is real, I know).

Do feel free to send us any suggestions you may have,  or ideas on what you’d like to see. Let’s do this!

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